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My girlfriend and I wanted to cuddle, but we wanted to play Diablo too. This is what happened.

you guys
are my heroes

i want a boyfriend omfg
they’re using an ironing board holy shit like this is role model material right here




My girlfriend and I wanted to cuddle, but we wanted to play Diablo too. This is what happened.

you guys

are my heroes

i want a boyfriend omfg

they’re using an ironing board holy shit like this is role model material right here


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Neat Original Character Meme Thing (that I found lol)


- Pick 7 of your OCs in any order. 


- Please link back to the blank.

- Enjoy. ;D 


1. Dimitri

2. Ellie

3. Sirah

4. Dominic

5. Damien

6. Minasé

7. Nathan

1. [1-7] State your names, aliases, et cetera and would you like a donut or milkshake?

Dimitri…I don’t have any aliases, and either way I don’t think I’ll like it so I suppose I’ll say milkshake since it’s easier for me to drink than to eat.

Ellie, not Elliot…no really, not Elliot.  Um, let’s see, I’d have to say milkshake: it’s a lot less messy on the hands.

Sirah, just Sirah.  While I’m not really one for eating such…sweet things, I’ll go with a donut for now since it’s easier to run around with.

Dominic, uh, well…er, some people have called me Dom before but it kind of weirds me out.  Gotta say milkshake.

Damien!  No no, just Damien, that’s all!  Oh can I have both?  Oh!  Or perhaps a donut milkshake, yes, yes that’s my final answer.

Minasé.  I couldn’t care less; I suppose a milkshake will suffice.

Nathan…just call me Nathan.  Donut for me, thanks.

2. [3] and [7] decide to bungee jump, but [3]’s cord snaps. What does [7] do?

Let’s see, Nathan[7] would probably freak the hell out and scramble to try and get out of his cord to her, it would seriously freak him out.  Knowing Sirah[3] though, she’d be fine, a few broken bones, but she’d manage to right herself and land as safely as possible so that she wouldn’t die, and then would immediately call out to him to alert him that she was fine, especially since at that point he’d probably be crying without realizing it.

3. [4] decides to cook dinner. What do they make?

Hmm, well Dominic[4] isn’t really that much of a chef, despite how he’s had to cook for himself since he was very small.  He’d probably make something like Ramen for pasta, toast with butter for a side, Chef Boyardee as the main course, and raw carrots for the vegetable.

4. [2] and [6] are at an arcade playing DDR. Who wins?

All right, that’s Ellie[2] and Minasé[6] and as much as I love them, I know Minasé would win.  He’s a demon and has lightning speed and reflexes as well as psionic abilities so he’d be able to keep up with it expertly.  And even if he couldn’t, he’d just snap her in half and win by default if he had to.

5. [1] feels bored, so they go to a bar and get drunk, when all of a sudden a liopleurodon shows up. What kind of chaos ensues?

Knowing Dimitri[1] it’d actually be hard for him to get drunk, but saying he does, he’d look at it, stare for a moment and then just go back to drinking.  He gives not a fuck for things like this, but if the creature started to cause a problem then he’d probably attack it since being drunk is the only time you’ll actually see him start to get angry.

6. [5] decides to get a perm. Where do they go to show off their amazing, gigantic afro?

Of course it’s Damien[5]lol All right, that guy would go everywhere to show it off.  Not cuz he’s a show off, but he’s just…a bit insane and when something that has to do with his body goes haywire, he likes to make a note of it.  He’d probably feel like a kid in a candy shop.

7. [1] does make-up on [7] while they sleep. [7]’s reaction when they wake up and look in a mirror:

Oh God, Dimitri[1] doing make-up on Nathan[7]?  That’s probably the most unlikely thing to happen ever lol Let’s see, Nathan would probably look at himself and instantly start scrubbing vigorously at his face, thinking that he did something crazy to himself during a bad trip.  He’s quite a paranoid person, but a lot of it is because of the drugs.  Depending on his age, he might have thought it was his mother since she does crazy things to him when he sleeps and he’s used to waking up all weird, especially when he was little.

8. [4] is hit by cupid’s stupid arrows of lurve (temporarily, of course), and falls for [3].  What happens?

So Dominic[4] falls for Sirah[3] eh?  That’d be quite interesting indeed.  He’d probably get incredibly jealous since her life and job revolve around protecting the most important man in the country (she’s a bodyguard more or less) and usually he can exert that anger towards the person he’s jealous of, but seeing as that person is a very powerful young man, he’d hold back from doing so.  He’s not threatened by force, but he knows that that man could get away with ruining his life if he felt necessary, even if Peter (the man she protects) would never do something so harsh.  Despite his jealousy, he’d still try and pursue her, but in a very sweet and timid way…to which she’d decline since she’s very dedicated in her job.  I’m not sure if she’d ever be able to see him that way, she’s got a pretty one track mind.

9. [2] and [6] are stuck in a haunted house, with spirits trying to snatch their bodies. What do they do to get out - or do they get out at all? Dun dun duunnnn…

Why is it always Ellie[2] with Minasé[6]?  I like her, I don’t want her dead and this dude would totally kill her if given the chance.  If a spirit were trying to snatch their bodies then he’d make a game out of it since things like that don’t scare him…not really much of anything scares him: he’s a psychotic demon.  He’d probably watch as they torture at Ellie though, and when it became boring he’d take them both out because yes, he’d be able to get out of that situation.  Ellie on the other hand, would actually be sufficiently freaked out, but you’d never know it since she’s so good at keeping a straight face, if anything she’d just seem pissed or agitated.

10. [7] is a victim of a crime, and the accused is [4]. What is the crime and what is the verdict?

Oh goodness, poor Nathan[7].  Well I can tell you right now, whatever Damien[4] is being accused of, he probably did.  Hmm, let’s see…the crime would probably be something like…mutilation.  He does that.  He’d have probably found Nathan very interesting in body since he’s done drugs for so long, and Nathan would probably let him check him out a bit at first, but I could see it getting taken too far.  Most likely Nathan wouldn’t have reported him, he’s no snitch, it would have just led back to Damien eventually.  And unfortunately he’d be found guilty: Damien wouldn’t deny any of it, he’d probably be smiling and giggling the entire time it was all happening and would give them extreme medical details on how he did everything.  (wow…just realized I did the wrong character, but this was interesting so I’ll just keep it and put up the true one lol)

So Nathan[7] and Dominic[4], let’s see.  Well, the only thing I can really see is a fight ensuing between them.  Nathan is scrappy as hell, but Dominic’s a skilled boxer so he’d win.  The only bad thing is that he doesn’t know when to stop once he gets going, so he’d probably continue beating him even after he’s been knocked out and have to be pulled off.  I imagine he’d be charged with assault since at that point it would seem like Nathan was just defending himself, and as said, he’s no snitch so he wouldn’t run off and tell what happened.  The verdict would probably be not guilty since when Nathan would testify he’d make it known that it was an equal started fight, even if Dominic started it, he’d still say this since he’d know that fighting back only made it worse.

11. [5] and [1] enter into a talent show. Do they enter together or separately? And what is their talent?

Dominic[5] and Dimitri[1] certainly wouldn’t do anything together.  Dimitri would probably show how long he can hold his breath since he…well, he’s undead and doesn’t need to breathe so it’d be easy.  Damien…well, he’d fit things in places where people shouldn’t be able to fit things.  He’d probably swallow things whole and pull them back out too, to show how far down his throat he can get them, things like that.

12. [2]’s favorite song. If they don’t have a favorite song, what genre do they typically listen to?

Oooooh, now this is an interesting one.  You know I’ve never really tried to figure out what Ellie’s[2] favorite song is.  She loves 90’s rock though, so it’d probably be something from that era, though she loves her some classic rock as well.  Hmm, it might be something by Led Zeppelin, possibly Stairway to Heaven, or Dust in the Wind by Kansas.

13. [6] and [3] fight zombie pirate ninjas with Will Smith. What happens? Is it awesome? Or is it awesome?

…..are you serious?  Minasé[6] and Sirah[3] are fighting zombie pirate ninjas with Will Smith?  I’m sorry; I don’t think tumblr is ready for me to go into detail on this level of awesome.

14. [7] and [5] go adventuring and discover some valuable once-lost treasure. How do they split it? Or if they don’t decide to share - who gets it and how do they get it?

Let’s see, unfortunately I could see Nathan[7] trying to pocket more of it than he should since he’d want it to help with some of his fixes, to which Damien[5] really wouldn’t mind since he has no need for money: he has people pay him in Mt. Dew.  If anything, Damien might take some of it just so that he could bribe Nathan into letting him experiment on him.

15. [1] grows to the size of a skyscraper. [4] shrinks to the size of a marble. What do each of them do with their new size?

Dimitri[1] would be confused as hell and probably just try and get somewhere very quickly where he was away from people.  He already felt like a freak so this wouldn’t help with that.  As for Dominic[4]…oooh there’s some anger.

16. [2] now rules the world (whatever world they are from). What do they do with their newfound power?

Ellie[2]?  I actually think she’d be decent at ruling the world (Earth).  She’s so laid back though; I can’t imagine her doing anything crazy with her new power.  I know one thing she’d definitely do is make children’s hospitals free for the patients.  She’s a surgeon and they have her go to pediatrics a lot despite how she’s really not a mommy type person, she’s just good with kids on some strange level, probably because she’s very very calm and can keep them calm, and she also likes to give it to them straight.  I could see her getting rid of nuclear weapons too, it’s extremely damaging to people and it’d make her edgy to know that those types of things existed.  I could see her taking her Boy and going to live somewhere away from people with him, not in a lovey dovey way either, she’d just want him to be happy and she’s happy being away from people, especially since she wouldn’t need to work anymore.  She’d probably still do it because she likes to work on people and help them get better, but she’d have a much more chill life, probably on an island somewhere.  Not exactly a tropical one, kind of like a nice quiet one in Canada maybe.

17. [3], [4], and [7] catch [6] running around naked in the rain. Reactions?

Sirah[3] would go wide eyed, that’d be about it in her expression, and then she’d avert her eyes, all the while staying still and calm.

Dominic[4] would laugh and wrinkle his nose and look up at the sky away from the naked man running around.

Nathan[7] would probably get tense and just walk away and go home.  Stuff like that makes him uncomfortable.

And Minasé[6], well…he’s Minasé, he’d run around like a mad man and this is actually very much in his character to do.  Eh, for shits and giggles he’d probably just send a bolt of lightning through all of them and liquefy them for his amusement and then dance around in their rain.

18. [2], [1], and [5] face a zombie apocalypse. They have little resources left and need to get to a safe house far away. Who survives all the way to the safe house and how?

Damn…Sorry Ellie[2], I love you but these two guys are immortals so they’ve got you beat.  But let’s say that they were all mortals, it’d be tricky.  In all reality, in this mix, I could see all of them making it because this would be a bitchin’ team to have.  Dimitri[1] is a good fighter, very fast, very dexterous, even without being a vampire, whereas Damien[5] knows all the places to take a person out if need be, and Ellie is quick with her hands and strong to boot, despite how she appears; years of yoga and other…types of exercises, have helped her build that up.  On top of that, she’s extremely smart and resourceful, so between the three of them I could see them all making it to that safe house if they worked together, which they would since they’re all very open to the idea of that.

19. [6] and [1] are zapped by the gender-bender. LOL. Making memes is fun.

You took away Minasé’s[6] penis?  Wrath will soon ensue upon your head.  Meanwhile, Dimitri[1] just falls over and bangs his fists on the ground in girly upset and submission.



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