take a shot every time someone mentions battle royale in the comments of a hunger games video



o-oh my gosh i’m trying so hard not to lose it at work right now, this is perfect X3

Fire is burning.




Baby Godzilla [illuminescent]

New Movie in a nutshell

Nah, if it wants to sum up the new movie, it needs more giant monster cock blocking.

i have been waiting forever for this fucking gifset

Oh man, if it wasn’t obvious to people before that this was a fanfiction of Twilight, then this trailer just makes it PAINFULLY obvious.  And I don’t mean that as a pun to BDSM because this franchise is a horrible misrepresentation.  

Ugh oh my gosh this movie is gonna be so shitty, I don’t care how much awesome music and filters you put over it.  That people actually take this seriously is laughable in a pitying way.  Of all of the trashy romance books there have been in the world, why is THIS one so big?  

I mean come on, yes, say what you want about Twilight, but at least it knew what it was doing >_<  And the books are fine if you wanna go read them because hey, all trashy romances are trashy romances and that’s why people love them.  This is just, ugh, I can’t, so annoying.  The only thing this movie is destined to be is a drinking game.


prays for a rifftrax version of fifty shades of grey after the movie comes out


"50 Shades of Grey: The Movie." Or, as I prefer to call it, "American Psycho 2: Watered-Down Problematic BDSM Boogaloo."